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Jessica Brown

My favorite part of Memento is the reveal at the end, when we find out that Lenny's search this whole time was partially started by a note that he left himself. We see several examples of others taking advantage of Lenny's condition, but here at the end Lenny himself is doing that in order to continue his sense of purpose.

Josh Riddell

The ending was a great part for me as well. I really enjoyed the twist and turns the movie takes you through. Throughout the movie I kept thinking "well, this could be the killer, or maybe this is the killer" but in the end it turns out Lenny's condition reveals that he is in fact the one who killed his wife.

Becky Bond

This was actually my least favorite out of all three films that we have watched so far. It was too inconclusive for me. Although I didn't enjoy he plot, I thought the idea of it was very creative.

Kevin Smith

This has been the most compelling film that we have watched so far, based off its narrative structure alone. I loved the challenge of placing everything together in order.

Jessica Brown

Going off of what Kevin said, I enjoyed that the film is a puzzle that requires deductive reasoning. I appreciate it when filmmakers respect their audience's intelligence and leave some of the interpretation up to them.

Jesus Hernandez

The storyline of this movie was pretty difficult to fallow at first. I liked the scene where Natalie is having an argument with Leonard and tells him what she will do next, a few minutes later she walks in and acts like her boyfriend hit her. That to me explains exactly what Leonards condition is like and tells a lot about the storyline in my opinion. The filmmakers did a great job with that scene.

Blake Bauer

I found it rather ironic that Lenord was always saying stuff about how his notes are facts/truth and memories can be deceiving; but, in the end, the whole reason that he killed the one guy was because of a false note he left himself out of anger.

Gabriel Yanez

The major line that stands out with me is when Teddy implies that Lenard is the perfect killer. Other seeking vengeance for his wife, I believe that Lenard isn't a killer, just someone who is being used for other's gain.

Ryan Giles

I agree with Jessica and Josh, I liked the ending of the movie as well. How Teddy explains to Leonard that he has done this before and continues to do it to fulfill his purpose in life. But I turns out that Leonard writes notes to himself that he still hasn’t killed the real John G. and still needs to find him. But he does this because without this purpose he would be lost and his short term memory will cloud his mind.

Andy McDonald

Memento was one of those films that I have been meaning to watch for years. I had seen parts of it (the opening, along with some other scenes), but I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. It was by far my favorite film we have watched in this class. I will say that it took some getting used to, but once I got past that, I was able to really enjoy the movie.

Jose Hernandez

This film was a good film to notice the props. The pictures, clothing, and camera that Leonard had were all great because it went with the story theme and how Leonard believe that pictures and tattoos where fact!

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